Barrier Solutions  

  •  Custom Sizing and Manufacturing

  • Custom Material and Framing

  • Professional Install Teams 



  • Made In Canada

  • Ships to Canada and USA

  • Customizable size (up to 48 x 40 inches)

  • Ships flat in standard ship pack

  • accepting most forms of payment

  • Units can be attached in series

  • Most mounting accessories included

  • Ships flat in standard ship pack

  • Semi-permanent Structure

  • Units can be attached in series


WitH ZIspan ShIEld

Available NOW!!!

11 Vulcan St, Etobicoke, Ontario Canada M9W-1L3
218 Youngstown Lockport Rd, Ransomville, NY 14131

Images, pictures and samples shown are contracted and /or actual product manufacturered for brands or agencys

Zispan, a technology based company developing innovating power supplies, manufacturing processes and software applications over the last 5 years. Zispan refers to this technology as, PRINTED INK TECHNOLOGIES or SELF-ILLUMINATED & MOVING PRINTED PAPER TECHNOLOGIES an offshoot of EL. Creating an inexpensive, value rich product  with  Amazing lit and animated features and sensors for everyone to utilize.
Zispan proprietary inclusions are  trademarks,  Multiple Patent pending and patent technologies, along with manufacturing processes and designs. 
With this Technology we are able illuminated larger areas, evenly and flat. animated, and keep it very thin (2-3mm) and weighs very little. All without complicated wiring, light boxes, thick surface areas or a row of hot spots. Since this technology is printed through our processes, we are able to overlay and create a static image for daytime usage and an entirely different animated and lit image for dusk to dawn.